Our mission is a simple one; to change the world one story, one poem, and one dream at a time.

We do what no other publishing company has ever done, give a voice to those who dare to believe in the impossible and the unbelievable by holding to a policy of inclusion rather than one of exclusion.

It has been written that every story that can be told, has been told. We fervently disagree. We hold that the world's most imaginative stories, heart's most moving poems, and universe's boldest dreams have not yet been conceived.

We invite you to explore our site, support our authors, participate in our online communities, shop our products, and embrace our vision of tomorrow as we serve as your literary portal linking what was, what is, what will be, and more importantly, what can be, together.

In addition to hardcopy production, Candle Shore Publishing publishes directly to both the iTunes iBook Store and to the Amazon - Kindle Store in eBook format. There are no "middle-men" here.

Our site is still very much under construction, however, we want you to know that we plan on accepting submissions from previously unpublished authors, very soon. OK, we'll accept submissions from published authors as well--maybe. (Smile)

In the meantime, we strongly recommend that new writers or those who hope to become authors, some day, join The Best New Writers Group. The Best New Writers is the official support group for Candle Shore Publishing.


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This site will be updated often in the coming days so check back for new features and products,